FingerPaint Duel: Honored as Best German Kids Game 2014Imprint




Fold Apps ™ encourage playing together and creativity. Based on collaborative work with experts the apps are developed for kids from 5 years. They are award winning and recommended by experts in education.

These apps open new dimensions of play with digital media, which are a valuable extensions to the world of common "analogous" toys.

The creators of Fold Apps support kids festivals and are active in media education.





Fold Man

The classic painting game for friends and families. This archetype of a Creative-Multiplayer-Game is a must!

FingerPaint World

Connecting kids from all over the world with the language of art. Contains tens of thousands of connected paintings and grows and grows...

FingerPaint Studio

Probably the easiest app to paint astounding colorful animations. And enjoy your own sound recordings.

FingerPaint Cam

Augment reality - without boundaries for your phantasy.

FingerPaint Duel

Creativity and Action?! It's possible with FingerPaint Duel for two players. Paint quickly and accurately! Certified for its educational value. Winner of the German Computerspielpreis award 2014. Supported by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern and the State of Bavaria.